A group of professionals imbibed with the power of knowledge thru many years of experience in various industry sectors, coupled with international exposure, joined together to form R RADIANT ENGINEERING SERVICES to provide the services to meet the Industry needs. Strategic outsourcing of various services has become a reality of competitive advantage for industries to reduce costs while getting expertise services. We at RRADENTENGNEERNGSERVCES offer our services in Engineering, Quantity Surveying, Estimation, Project Management and Training through our Consulting, Services and Support solutions.

R RADIANT ENGINEERING SERVICES recognize the world as a Global Village and needs a close association and exchange of Business opportunities. More so with varied business lines and industry sectors, such as Oil & Gas (including Onhore & Offshore) Petrochemicals, Fertilizers, Power, Pharma, Pipeline etc. each requiring unique nature of products and services. We at RADIANTENGINEERINGSERVICES would serve to bridge the gaps to ensure a seamless business transaction in the field of Materials and Services to be shared across the Globe by assisting the manufacturers and customers to be communicated for the purpose of quality services.


Why Choose Us?

All the EPC requirements within a limited budget, cost effective, quality oriented and project deliverables within time.

Mission And Vision

  • To provide cost effective quality services meeting highest safety standards through internationally gained industry experience. Every employee individually and collectively, dedicate themselves to provide customers with exceptional workmanship and professional integrity.