Mechanical Engineering

Outsource Reverse Engineering Services

During the development and design process, your team may need the specifications from an existing part or a product. Reverse engineering makes this possible - extracting data and design information from an object or product with the intent of reproducing it in a new design. Not only does this process allow for a quick reconstruction of a product for which you may not have the original design files - it opens up new opportunities during the development process.

Our 3-Step Reverse Engineering Process

If the opportunity to use reverse engineering services presents itself, R RADIANT ENGINEERING has more than 18 years of experience in providing such services to engineers, designers, and product manufacturers. Following ISO quality standards, we have the resources and capabilities to offer reverse engineering services to our clients. We follow a carefully managed three-step process for reverse engineering which includes:

  • The client provides the physical components or parts for our team's review
  • We perform a laser scan of the component and extract cloud point data to our systems
  • Using this data, our team generates a 2D or 3D CAD model for use in product enhancement. This may include failure analysis, reproduction, general study, inspection, or application for a new product or design

Using this process, we have worked with clients in the reverse engineering of Class A surfaces, forgings, castings, and injection molded parts of various shapes and sizes.

Reverse Engineering Tools We Use

Our state-of-the-art technology speeds up the reverse engineering process. Tools that leverage for reverse engineering include the following:

  • FARO® Laser ScanArm V2 with 7-axis ScanArm. Scanning ability of up to 19,200 points per second and accuracy of up to .002" (50µm)
  • Renishaw® Cyclone scanner with accuracy of up to 50 microns
  • Software: RapidForm® and Geomagic®, with NURBS and IGES / STEP (ISO 10303) compatibility
  • Ability to automatically align point cloud data created through multiple scans, removal of stray data points, and removal of redundant data
  • Ability to scan Class A surfaces


When choosing a partner for your reverse engineering needs, you want someone who have worked with the technologies and resources that best fit to your business need. The engineers and business managers of R RADIANT ENGINEERING have worked for over 18 years in this field, and thoroughly understand your project requirements. With extensive experience designing and prototyping complex products, our engineers have the knowledge needed to work with your components throughout the process.

During the project, we will also share information related to the project with the client so that any feedback they have can be implemented along the way, whether it is adjustment to the CAD models being developed or something more. By adhering to ISO quality standards throughout and working to deliver project within the delivery timeframe outlined by the client, we work to be a trusted partner for your engineering and design process, all in a cost-efficient manner.