Electrical Engineering

Outsource Electrical Instrumentation Services

In the field of electrical instrumentation, offering an integrated solution including analysis, planning, design, engineering, installation, procurement, testing, commissioning, and ongoing maintenance forms a part of our strategy. Delivering professional, safe, versatile, and high quality electrical instrumentation services has helped R RADIANT ENGINEERING build a solid reputation among the clients.

Instrumentation engineering services in India comprise a broad range of services including light and heavy engineering, automation system engineering, etc. and find its application across several industries. R RADIANT ENGINEERING has been offering electrical instrumentation solutions across several industries like steel, chemical, petrochemical, oil, gas, pharmaceutical, heavy manufacturing, and power generation, etc. Our expertise in electrical instrumentation helps us perform the following -

  • Installations - E&I Skid Installations, Project installations, HV/MV power installation
  • Calibration - Process Instrument Calibration, Test Instrument Calibration
  • Procurement - Technical Procurement, Material Procurement
  • Report Preparation - Test Reports, Pre-commissioning Reports, Consultation and Project Reports and Detailed Cost Implication Reports
  • Instrumentation and Control
  • Optimum Design Suggestions
  • Electrical Inspection and Testing
  • All kinds of Lighting Systems and Communication Systems

Why R RADIANT ENGINEERING for Electrical Instrumentation?

Electrical instrumentations team at R RADIANT ENGINEERING carries all its operations focusing on the overall service quality and the security aspects involved. Being in the engineering field, we understand the long-term effects of manufacturing and commissioning on the environment, and as a part of our ethical responsibility, we are committed to reduce wastage and use all our resources efficiently. We also help our clients identify their areas of energy wastage and reduce their carbon footprint.

We work to achieve operational excellence, and though we have a systematic way of managing health, safety, reliability and efficiency of our instrumentation services, we keep on looking for innovative and efficient ways to make things better and easier. By engaging with us, you can be assured of -

  • Adherence to engineering and quality accreditations
  • Improved continuity and safety
  • Minimized downtime
  • Increased efficiency
  • Extended lifetime of your electrical instruments
  • Presence of trained and experienced staff
  • Proven track-record and domain expertise
  • Reasonable pricing without compromising on quality
  • Integrated work approach with complete accountability

Outsource Instrumentation Services to R RADIANT ENGINEERING

Over the last few years, we have consistently developed and enhanced our operational systems as well as our knowledge base to a level where we are now recognized as one of the leading providers of instrumentation engineering solutions in India. Two things that drive us to perfection are teamwork and continuous improvement. At R RADIANT ENGINEERING we are constantly looking for areas of improvement and encourage our team members to find learning opportunities for themselves and the company.

Being a company that offers comprehensive electrical engineering services including electrical instrumentation services, we have a strong worldwide presence. Our round-the-clock approach, capability to do justice to diverse requirements across different industry verticals, and stress on areas like safety, efficiency, sustainability, quality and team work has helped us meet our clients' requirements with great perfection.